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eclecthink is a corporate services organization within the field of in innovation and creativity.  We use our Integrated Innovation Framework to help business develop their innovation strategy and address their innovation challenges.  


eclecthink believes that everyone has a natural ability to be creative and to innovate that can be developed by the appropriate use of attitudes, processes and skills.  Developing creative and innovative behaviours can only benefit the person themselves and the organization in which they work.  To this end, we act as a resource for companies who want to integrate creativity and innovation into their daily operations. 


Most groups know why they need to innovate and sometimes know what innovation is but rarely do the know how to do it.  eclecthink delivers the "How" of innovation through workshops, seminars, facilitations and workplace coaching for those individuals and companies.  


Our programs fall into three categories: awareness & education, where you learn about innovation/creativity and why it’s important; training & development, which helps you build on your innovation/creative skills; and application, which puts your innovation/creativity to work.   Regardless of which path you go down, eclecthink offers a streamlined process that generates results.  


Free consultation to discover your requirements Program design Program delivery Program follow-up Program evaluation  Why eclecthink? We have a combined total of 35 years of experience We offers training, facilitation and consulting services Our service is personal, customized and flexible – work with us for a single hour or an entire week

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