Team Building Facilitation:   Private Function

August 28th, 2017


Team Building Facilitation:  Private Function

August 31st, 2017


Not-for Profit Board Governance and On-Boarding Facilitation - Private Function

October 7th, 2017


Presentation: Systems Thinking

Leadership Saskatoon  - Leadership Program

October 16, 2017



Articles & Links


As industry leaders, we frequently publish our findings and thoughts, as they pertain to your business. Check back often for new and updated articles.


The Doorbell Effect


Creativity - The Forgotten Life Skill

Brush up on Brainstorming


eclecthink Brochures and Information Sheets 


SOQ - Situational Outlook Questionnaire - Creating a climate for creativity and innovation


Books and Resource Articles

If you are interested in learning more about activating creativity and change, we suggest you check out the following books:


 The Medici Effect - Frans Johannsson, Harvard Business School Press, 2004

Innovation is an evergreen topic because it is such an essential ingredient for successful growth- and this book provides a new and fascinating perspective on how new innovations can best be found and developed. Managers from all kinds of companies will find this book of interest. This book is so well written and is filled with such engaging examples that we expect it to break out beyond a business audience to general readers.

The Forgotten Half of Change - Luc De Brabandere, Dearborn, 2005

Unlock and Embrace a New Mindset about Business Creativity. The 20th century saw the United States dominate the world of innovation, but at the dawn of the 21st century it\'s become pretty clear that the pace of change in a global economy demands not only innovation, but creativity. We must become as good at changing our perceptions as we have become at changing reality.


Drive - Daniel Pink, 2009

A look at the suprising truth about what really motivates us.  The link jumps to a book summary in concept map form.  Well worth the read.


To Sell is Human - Daniel Pink, 2012

This file is a map of the contents of Daniel Pink's 2012 top selling book that looks at the concept that we all sell, essentially in everything we do.  This map gives you a better understanding of the content of the book than simply viewing the table of contents.


Great by Choice - Jim Collins, 2011

A look at the conditions and mindset of leaders of companies that have stood the test of time and adversity. This link jumps to a book summary in concept map form.


 The Power of Habits - Charles Duhigg 2012

A great book on what makes up habits, how to identify them, how to modify them and how to build them  Context is both personal and business with two chapters on long term Social Habits and Movements.  A great read with practical \"how to do\" information.  This diagram maps the information in the book and adds a few related comments.


The Advantage - Patrick Lencioni 2012

This book looks at organizational health as a follow on from the authors \'Five Dysfunction of a Team\".  He examines 4 disciplines that need to be followed to develope  organization: Build a Cohesive Leadership Team, Creating Clarity, Overcommunicating Clarity and Reinforcing Clarity.  This PDF is a concept map of this publication and gives you a detailed look at the structure and content.  It is not a substitute for this very informative work.


Extreme Productivity - Robert C. Pozen 2012

This book is a well crafted prescription for those who have an organized mindset and have a desire to be more productive in the long term as well as the short term. The ideas in this book require discipline to implement which can be enhanced by a group of people in the same organization working through the concepts at the same time.  This book has links to other books in this list.  This PDF map gives viewers an overview of the material and does not delve into the details of any one concept.


Start With Why - Simon Senik - 2009

This book identifies how great leaders inspire everyone to take action.  The strength of stand-out-organizations is not what they do or how they do it.  It is all rooted in WHY they do it what they do.  This map gives you a better understanding of the content of the important work than just browsing the  table of contents. Simon Senik has a TED video connected with this work.


Leaders Eat Last - Simon Senik - 2014



Decisive - Chip Heath and Dan Heath - 2013





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