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IBE Creative Warm-ups: 90, 120, 180 minutes

These sessions are designed to address the mindset and stimulate the creative juices of participants prior to ideation, problem solving, strategic thinking, strategic planning, governance, visioning or other specific board meetings.  Participants work with a variety of different topics depending on the focus of the particular meeting.  The topic may include: ideation techniques, 4 Pillars of Business Ideas, Creative Leadership, Futures, Mental Models and Board Communications.  Custom activities may also be developed depending upon the focus of the board meeting.  To the extent possible, eclecthink customizes these sessions to the organization, the topic and includes a considerable hands-on, activity based component.


IBE Strategic Thinking: Half, Full or Multiple Day

This session moves beyond strategic planning into the 10 to 20 year time frame where the conditions in which an organization operates are ambiguous and uncertain.  It addresses generating options for the organization that may be used in making strategic choices.  We work with participants to identify and understand possible future operating environments with the goal of determining how to position the organization.  Based on the outcome of these deliberations, we work with groups to help them make better decisions about today’s actions.  These sessions employ elements of systems thinking and futures with the hands-on activities portion.


IBE Scenario Planning: Half, Full, or Multiple Day

This session moves beyond strategic planning by examining the trends and assumptions underlying an organization and projecting these into the future (typically 10-25 years).  Participants choose the parameters to investigate in the scenarios, examine future conditions and then construct environmental and operating conditions under which the organization must function.  The half-day session will consider four scenarios while up to 12 may be considered in the full day session.  Once the scenarios are built out, participants identify and sequence strategies needed to optimize the opportunities and mitigate the risks identified in the scenarios.


IBE Communications and Team Building Half or Full Day

This session works with a group of individuals from a specific organization to help build communications and team problem solving skills.  An on-line inventory assesses individual problem solving styles and identifies where the individual strengths lie.  The group assesses the strengths and shortfalls and makes suggestions for optimizing performance.  People's communications styles, critical for problem solving, are derived from this assessment, which also helps participants understand the dynamics of the group.  Activities and hands-on projects are used to highlight the particular traits and skills.

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