Case Studies


The Case of the Distressed Bowl

What's an aging sports facility to do?


A single-purpose municipal sports facility had operating costs of 3 times its revenue, and was in need of costly upgrades. In desperate need of new ideas, the client called in consultants from Global Info Brokers and eclecthink.


With a clear understanding that the facility was not sustainable in its present form,  the creative thinkers, undaunted by stakeholders mired in their sports mindset, took their process off the field.


In a local bistro, the consultants had two ideation sessions, and invented hundreds of non-sports incarnations for the facility. The facility was pleased with the results, and Saskatoon is in the process of re-branding their sports facility as an events centre capable of staging concerts, family activities and trade shows – effectively securing year-round revenue.



The Case of the Separated Triplets (Speed Dating for Ideas)

Uniting an entrepreneur, process guru and investor for mutual gain.


Imagine this: there’s a conference with three participant groups – the entrepreneur with an idea but no way to make it work; the technology or process guru with a solution looking for a problem; and a government agency or investor looking for a solid investment. How can we bring them together?


Getting an idea off the drawing table and into the market place is a long process that requires not only a good idea, but motivated entrepreneurs, adept problem solvers and sympathetic investors. eclecthink set out to introduce compatible players to a meaningful dialogue to advance everyone’s agenda.


We outlined how the first two groups should present themselves; how they should make their pitches; and how they should word their presentations to guard their intellectual property. Then, we brought all three groups together in a public forum. During this session, selected entrepreneurs and technology gurus were encouraged to present their situations to other entrepreneurs, technical gurus and investors.


The consultant and supporting team arranged for subsequent, more private interactions and discussions between potentially compatible groups. Records of potential matches allowed organizers to monitor the success of the event.


In two separate events, one held a SaskInteractive Media Association Summit and one held in conjunction with the SaskInc. 2009 Conference, introductory sessions and follow-up private interactions connected nearly 50 potential pairings.

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