Dr. Bill Brooks, B.Sc., Ph.D., Presentor, Speaker, Facilitator

Dr. Bill Brooks, throughout his 40 year career, has led and managed research and development teams, implementation teams and small organizations in fields ranging from space research, scientific instrumentation development, and educational programing support for Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  He is responsible for the creation and direction of a science centre in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.  He currently is a partner in eclecthink international, a corporate development company focusing on improved individual and organization, innovation, creativity, and problem solving capabilities through presentations, coaching and workshop/seminar facilitation.


He is a former Board Member of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, the Member of the Year in 2011, as well as participating in a number of  Chamber SABEX committees.  He currently chairs the  Chamber's Future Opportunities committee. 


He is currently a member of the Board of Directors, a committee chair, a mentor and a program facilitator for Leadership Saskatoon and is an alumnus of the program from 2003.


He and his partner, Sue are an integrated eclecthink team bringing complementary views and approaches to coaching, presentations, planning sessions and workshops on innovation, creativity and problem solving as well as leadership, strategic and program planning.


Living up to his reputation as being a "rocket scientist" he injects science demonstrations and hands-on activities (explosions, crashes and all things physics) to stimulate creative thinking. He has also been awarded Industry Canada's prestigious Michael Smith Award for Science and Technology Promotion.


Bill is a consulting partner with thinkx intellectual capital of Toronto Ontario, and is a facilitator of both Creative Problem Solving V6.1, Center for Creative Learning, Inc. and Productive Thinking, thinkx intellectual capital.   He is also a trained personal coach bringing coaching to creative implementation strategies for business.


 He is a runner, information junkie, puzzle addict and an almost astronaut, and spends a considerable amount of any free time repairing his old house.

Susan Brooks, B. Ed. M. Ed.

Sue calls herself a "retreaded" teacher now that she's moved on from her 16 years of teaching gifted elementary and high school students. Having originated a wide range of creative projects and approaches to challenge her students, Sue has turned her attention to the need to develop creative thinkers inside and outside business.


eclecthink, a creativity and innovation consulting company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, of which Sue is a Founding Partner, came out of her work with schools and community organisations badly in need of alternate views and perspectives. She was a former board member of Biotechnology Education Council, Toronto, a former member of the general board of Knox United Church, Saskatoon, and is a former President of the Business and Profressional Women of Saskatoon.   She is a bilingual French speaker often lamenting that she doesn't get to practice her French enough.


Along with her eclecthink partner, she developed and taught a 39-hour credit class for third year students in the Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan entitled "Creative Thinking & Entrepreneurship" and often brings the off-the-wall perspective for presentations, facilitations and workshops.


Sue has been awarded the prestigious Prime Minster's Award for Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics. 


Sue is a consulting partner with thinkx intellectual capital of Toronto Ontario, and is a facilitator of both Creative Problem Solving V6.1, Center for Creative Learning, Inc. and Productive Thinking, thinkx intellectual capital.  She is also a licenced user of the VIEW-An Inventory of Problem Solving Style.


A retired bagpiper, dragonfly collector, shameless opportunist, aspiring half-marathoner and avowed science nerd, Sue loves to spend time entertaining friends and family with gourmet meals and consumes a great deal of time looking at the birds and insects that populate her English country garden.


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