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At eclecthink, we help companies get creative. Usually, that means finding a new perspective - seeing your business, your services, or even yourself, differently. The resulting innovation gives you the skills to step ahead of the competition.


What does it mean to see things differently? We'll give you an example. Let's take a piece of paper...



You're probably pretty familiar with this. You put it in your printer. Take notes on it. You use it for invoices and receipts. Maybe you doodle on it in meetings. Nothing special here, right?

Table Stabilizer

Now imagine you're sitting in a restaurant. The food is good, the wine is better - but the damn table won't stop wobbling. Are you doomed to a night of spilled drinks and inconvenience?


Not if you've got that paper. Fold it three or four times and it's not a piece of paper at all - it's a dinner-saving table stabilizer.


Personal Air Conditioning Unit

It's 30 degrees and there's no A/C - and no breeze. But don't fret - your table stabilizer's about to take on a life of its own - as your personal air conditioning unit.

P.A. System

Need to make your voice heard? Unfortunately, there's not always a loudspeaker or a mic on-hand. But you're in luck, as that same piece of paper is also a personal PA system.

Wireless Communication

If the PA system fails, there's always wireless communication. Now with no hidden fees!



All that from a piece of paper. Now imagine what we could do for your business. (And make sure you recycle that paper.)



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