Ideas Forum Saskinc Conference


"I have attended many investment forums where early startups make their "pitch" in the past. I have never seen a more efficient and FUN way to do it than was presented by eclecthink at the Sask Inc. "speed dating" session. Keep up the GREAT work!!"

-Adi M.Treasurywala, President, ArrowCan Partners Inc.



 Creative Productive Thinking - City of Calgary IT Department


 “Very good. I’d recommend it.”

– Charles Taylor, Manager


 “Very creative and lots of fun.”

– Craig Lowen



Creativity Boot Camp CGA Convention 2006


The best thing about today was:


“The opportunity to learn by playing.” ... “Lots of fun and interactive. You definitely got my right brain working!” ... “Knowing more about creativity in a relaxing manner full of fun activities through which we learned to think creatively.” ... “Fun, inspirational educational.”


722 Breakfast Club Productive Thinking Facilitation


“Thorough exercise to achieve a positive outcome. Excellent communication, great exercises and a good sense of purpose.”


Staff Development Activity for Department of Community Resources Centre Region – September 2007


“Bill and Susan’s presentation was great – a good opportunity to use creativity – think outside the box. We need to be creative.” ... “Bill and Susan Brooks excellent choice for speakers/facilitators.”


Staff Development Day for Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan


 “Thanks Bill and Sue! It was great to touch base with my creative side and to learn ways to deal with killer phrases & attitudes. I really enjoyed my day!”


Workshop – Creative Productive Thinking – How not to get stuck/stay stuck (workshop for early entrepreneurs):


“Very real people facilitating (with real experience.)”

-Linda Banman (Engraved Class Artwork – Saskatoon)


“Great practical exercises and great stories of entrepreneurial endeavors.” 

-Deanna Litz



The Case of the Distressed Bowl – Ideation Session

“I’m also not much of an athlete, so I was unsure of why I had been invited to participate and whether I would be able to contribute to the discussion. However, [eclecthink has] mastered the skills of facilitating the imagination and ideation process, and assisting minds in coming to new and unprecedented conclusions. The process thrives on showing minds how to relearn how to ideate – how to avoid group think and how getting off-track can be the best thing that happens during an ideation session.”

-Ainsley Robinson, Co-Founder - The Princess Shop


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