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Conference Board of Canada research demonstrates why creativity is important in the workplace. For one, innovative companies grow faster and have higher sales growth, profitability levels and market share. The Conference Board also identified problem solving as an essential employment skill – one that’s just as important as literacy, numeracy and communication.


In our training and development programs, you’ll build on your innovation and creative thinking skills to achieve results. These programs include hands-on work in small groups, plus wordplay and science activities that help you gain a new perspective. Through this, you’ll learn how to integrate innovative/creative approaches into every-day life.


Our training and development programs include:


  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • VIEW - Finding Your Personal or Group Problem Solving Style
  • Ideation Skills (The Secret of the 3rd - 3rd)
  • Productive Thinking Workshops
  • Day-long Innovation/Creativity Bootcamps
  • Helpful Corporate Communication (What language to use – and avoid)
  • High-speed Productive Thinking
  • Innovation/Creativity for Managers & Leaders
  • Creative Workplace Coaching
  • Custom Programs


To find out more about any of our programs and which one is right for you, contact us for a free consultation.

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